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Windows 10 Mobile's Anniversary Update to arrive on August 9th

Windows 10 Mobile's Anniversary Update to arrive on August 9th

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Microsoft just delivered Windows 10 Anniversary Update for PCs and tablets this week, and now it's setting its sights on Windows-powered phones. While the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile doesn't bring many big new features, Microsoft says it's planning to launch the software update on August 9th. Microsoft's Indian Lumia Twitter account revealed the date, spotted by Neowin, and phones that are eligible for the update should start receiving it next week.

The Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update includes similar feature additions that are available on the PC side, but in a mobile context. Microsoft has added a panorama option to the Windows Camera app, and tweaked the lock screen so that the on-screen back button, on devices without hardware buttons, gets replaced with a camera button for quickly taking photos.

The new Skype app is far better than previous Windows Phone versions

Microsoft has also added a new Skype app to Windows 10 Mobile. It's the same universal Skype app available on the desktop version of Windows 10, and it's hugely improved from the poor offering that Windows Phone users have had to suffer with for the past few years. There aren't many changes to other universal apps, as they're typically updated and maintained separately to Windows 10 Mobile itself.

The settings app has been tweaked with icons to make it easier to find individual settings, and Action Center gains the ability to set notifications by priority so you see the important ones first. Microsoft has also added media controls to the lock screen, support for fingerprint readers, and a new Microsoft Wallet app that supports contactless payments on the Lumia 650, 950, and 950 XL. Cortana has also been tweaked slightly with a new feature that lets the digital assistant find your phone for you. Of course, it wouldn't be an update without new emoji so there are plenty of new characters to choose from.