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There's something strange about this campaign ad, but I can't quite put my gun on it

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This week, Eric Greitens won the Republican nomination for Missouri governor. To better introduce himself to more voters from the nation’s finest state, Greitens has published many YouTube videos. Here’s one.

The former Navy SEAL doesn’t speak much. Instead Greitens' credentials and beliefs are presented through text and voiceover.

"Eric Greitins, a governor who will set his sites on politics as usual." GUN "Reduce spending, create jobs, protect life." GUN. "Defend the second amendment, and fight Obama’s democrat machine and their corrupt attacks. Good news for us." GUN. "Bad news for them."

"I’m Eric Greitens," says Greitens in a shot mysteriously absent of a gun. "Join our mission. Let’s take back Missouri."

The campaign ad is impressive, but perhaps too subtle when compared to Greitens' early work. EXPLOSION.