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PlayStation's original series Powers has been canceled after two seasons

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Co-creator Brian Michael Bendis broke the news on Twitter

Sony's experiment with PlayStation-based original programming could be coming to an end with the cancelation of Powers, the service's first and only TV show. Co-creator and comic author Brian Michael Bendis broke the news on Twitter this afternoon. "This is hard to tweet, but word is that [Powers] is sadly no more," wrote Bendis. " I'll type more about it later, but thank you ALL for your support. Such a fantastic personal experience that you gifted all of us." The show starred Sharlto Copley as Christian Walker, a detective specializing in the investigation of crimes involving superhumans called "powers," and it spanned two seasons and 20 episodes before its cancelation.

Sony made a concerted effort to promote and distribute Powers beyond the world's PlayStations after plucking the show from development at FX. The first season remained available on the company's Crackle streaming service until it was yanked in May of this year, and the first episode of the show's second season is still available on YouTube, where it's nearing 5 million views. Powers is also going to continue its life as a comic series: Bendis tweeted that two issues of a new storyline called Diamond Days are "already in the can."

For what it's worth, Bendis seems optimistic about a TV renewal somewhere in the distant future. When a fan asked about the possibility of the show returning, he noted its millions of YouTube hits and that "people [behind the scenes] believe in us." If that's enough hope for you and you have a Sony console handy, you can still check out Powers and cross your fingers.