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Let's help Kim Kardashian replace her dead BlackBerry Bold

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'I knew this day would come & to be honest I'm prepared'

Michael Caulfield/Getty Images

It's a sad day in Waterloo, folks: Kim Kardashian West, international celebrity and staunch defender of the physical keyboard's merits, has given up on her beloved BlackBerry Bold. While Kardashian has other phones — she uses an iPhone 6S for pictures and selfies, among other tasks — the Bold has served as her business workhorse for years: "If you write an email and you need to type fast — I like having the board," said Kardashian at Recode's 2014 Code/Mobile conference. "They don't even have them in stores anymore. I buy them on eBay... And I like to have three in my room that I line up in case they break."

The last one has apparently broken. "Sooo my BlackBerry Bold died," tweeted Kardashian this afternoon. "I can't find any more on eBay. I knew this day would come & to be honest I'm prepared. But the question is.... Do I try a different kind of BlackBerry? Or ditch it altogether? Or a different phone like Samsung?" She's considering the dual iPhone route, but she's open to working with other manufacturers. It doesn't really matter, because nothing can live up to her beloved triple-B: "Reality is starting to set in & I'm getting sad."

If you read The Verge, you know I'm just a humble entertainment reporter. I want Kim to be happy and functional when she's mobile because it leads to Taylor Swift scandals and compelling Snapchat stories. With that in mind, I'm turning to our readership for advice: what kind of phone should Kim use next? (Feel free to get creative in the comments.)