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Apple Music for Android is out of beta

Apple Music for Android is out of beta


Nine months later

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After months of tweaks and improvements, Apple Music has exited its extended public beta period for Android. The streaming service, which first launched in June 2015, opened to Android users back in November of last year. The app was labeled as a beta then, and Apple has spent the time since adding select Android-only features while bringing the software up to speed with its iOS and desktop counterparts. Now, with the minor addition of equalizer settings, Apple has decided to remove the in-progress status on its most high-profile Android app.

Because of the differences between Apple's and Google's mobile OS's, Apple Music for Android has a few unique features. Those include a home screen widget for playback purposes and offline music downloading to an inserted SD card. While those may not convert a happy Spotify subscriber, they do indicate Apple's desire to cater to Android users by tapping into features typically prohibited by iOS's stricter ecosystem. After all, Apple executives felt it necessary to make the streaming service cross-platform — a rare move from the iPhone maker, even if it remains a defensive strategy to compete against Spotify, Google Play Music, and Tidal.