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Apple's App Store has paid over $50 billion to developers

Apple's App Store has paid over $50 billion to developers


'July was a record-breaker'

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Developers have earned more than $50 billion through Apple's App Store, and that number appears to be growing quicker than ever. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the milestone followed a month of record payments in July. That's part of why Apple's been able to hit $50 billion in payouts just six or so months after cracking $40 billion.

The stat is very much meant to paint the App Store as being as healthy and vibrant as ever, despite concern that we've hit something of an app fatigue. It does refute that to an extent; but it also reflects the simple fact that more and more people are using iOS devices, and developers may be doing a better job at bringing in more payments.

Cook notes that "monthly billings" — likely in-app subscriptions — were at an all-time high in July as well, and that's likely to help the App Store continue to hit new payment milestones at a rapid pace. As is the fact that, come this fall, the App Store will begin putting a heavier focus on subscriptions, with Apple positioning it as the best way for developers to make money.