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Watch the first teaser for Where Cards Fall, the somber follow-up to Alto’s Adventure

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Launching some time next year

Back in March, Snowman — the team behind breakout mobile hit Alto’s Adventure — announced a collaboration with designer Sam Rosenthal and his new studio The Game Band on a game called Where Cards Fall. That announcement was coupled with just a single piece of art: but now we finally have a teaser trailer that gives a better indication of what the game will be.

While the first Where Cards Fall teaser doesn’t show any actual gameplay, it gives a good idea of the vibe the creators are going for, set in a chill, but disconnected forest with an ambient piano suggesting that something important is about to happen. It ends with a hint at a game mechanic — the core concept of building houses of cards. "The houses of cards become homes for characters, platforms to traverse, places to visit, and so much more," Rosenthal told The Verge back in March.

The creators are still remaining silent on what platforms Where Cards Fall will be available on, but you can expect to play it some time next year.