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Police Quest, Gabriel Knight, and other classic Sierra games are now on Steam

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Police Quest
Police Quest

Steam just got a little more retro. A batch of classic games from revered publisher Sierra has been released on Valve’s digital store, and it includes some big names. You can grab all three entries in the Gabriel Knight series of point-and-click games, Roberta Williams’ horror adventure Phantasmagoria and its sequel, as well as collections bundling together titles from Quest for Glory and Police Quest. There are some notable omissions — including King’s Quest and Space Quest — and most of these games are already available on classic gaming service Still, for Steam users it’s a cheap and easy way to relive some classics, or experience them for the first time.

As for Sierra, the company rebooted itself back in 2014 as an indie publishing label under the Activision Blizzard umbrella. It’s first big project is an ambitious, and ongoing, episodic reboot of King’s Quest.