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That Russian superhero movie with a machine-gun-wielding bear gets an English trailer

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This spring, I shared the international trailer for Guardians, Russia’s answer to Marvel superhero movies. I wrote then about the value of many international tributaries feeding into modern mythology. American action films, in particular, have been guilty of villainizing foreign nations. The Guardians trailer looked like a necessary rebuttal, but at that time, it was unclear when or if we’d get to actually see Guardians in the states. A new trailer, dubbed in English, finally points to a winter 2017 international release.

The computer animation and special effects have been improved from the first trailer, and while they don’t quite stand alongside the most expensive blockbusters, Guardians looks great. The art design alone bests direct-to-video filler or the SyFy movie of the week. If anything, the film’s comparably smaller budget may explain its impressive look. Special effects shots appear to include actual footage of cities and sets, rather than metropolises and laboratories constructed entirely within a computer.

Jerry Bruckheimer may have convinced producers to destroy Chicago with flying robots. But Sarik Andreasyan will be the director that gives us a bear-man with a gatling gun.