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Best-selling Wii title Carnival Games is making the leap to VR

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Carnival Games
Carnival Games on the Nintendo Wii

During the heady days of the Wii, there were only a scant few non-Nintendo games that managed to cash in on the short-lived motion control craze. Among them was Carnival Games, which sold more than 1.5 million copies on Nintendo’s console. Now publisher 2K is hoping to re-create that success in virtual reality.

A VR version of the game is set to launch in October, and much like the Wii game, the VR edition will feature a number of relatively simple carnival games adapted to work in a digital space. The dozen mini-games included will have you doing everything from scaling a castle wall to playing a few rounds of skee ball, though it’s unclear if or how they will make use of motion controllers like the Oculus Touch or PlayStation Move.

Carnival Games VR marks 2K’s first VR release. And while the company is home to blockbuster franchises like Borderlands, BioShock, and Civilization, SVP of marketing Sarah Anderson says that the publisher wanted to tackle a smaller, more approachable experience first. “As our first foray into this space, we wanted to deliver a highly accessible entertainment experience that would allow players to immerse themselves in the familiar, classic fun of our Carnival Games series,” says Anderson.

Carnival Games VR will be available on the HTC Vive and PSVR on October 28th, before coming to the Oculus Rift later in 2016.

Carnival Games VR art