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Google's new In Apps search lets you look through your Android apps for information

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Android users have a new way to look for information stored inside their smartphone apps, with a new Google search feature appropriately titled "In Apps." The new feature, announced tonight, appears as an option inside Android's Google app, and allows you to search for — among other things — contacts, photos, and videos across apps like Gmail, Spotify, and YouTube.

In Apps searches work offline, meaning you won't need a data connection to sift through your software for that address you forgot, and you'll be able to tweak settings so that certain apps don't appear in the search results. Google says it will be adding support for more apps in the future, letting users look for information with keywords in Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, and Evernote, as well as Glide, Todoist, and Google Keep. LG's V20 smartphone will be the first device to ship with a dedicated shortcut to the In Apps search on its home screen, but all Android users will be able to access the feature once they've updated the Google app.