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Play tennis like Serena Williams in this new Snapchat game

Play tennis like Serena Williams in this new Snapchat game


Gatorade honors the legacy of 22-time Grand Slam champion with 8-bit marketing campaign

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Just in time for the US Open, Gatorade has come out with a new Snapchat game that honors the legacy of Serena Williams. Titled Serena Match Point, the 8-bit game is available on ESPN's Snapchat Discover channel, and features 22 levels — one for each of the record-tying 22 Grand Slams that Williams has won. Snapchat has begun incorporating TV shows on its platform, but this is the first time that the company has featured a multi-level game.

The game lets users play as Williams against a range of different opponents, and features simple controls. You just need to tap one of three on-screen tennis balls to serve, and tap left or right to return the opponent's shots. If you miss three shots in a row, you go back to the beginning of Williams' career.

Gatorade has also released a desktop version of the game, and if Williams wins her record-breaking 23rd slam at this year's US Open, the company will release add a bonus level to commemorate her achievement. Williams opened her 2016 US Open campaign with a routine, straight-sets win on Tuesday night.