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Bill Nye Saves the World is coming to Netflix

The new talk show will premiere in spring of 2017

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Bill Nye, known as the Science Guy to practically every 20-something in America, is headed back to TV with a new talk show set to premiere on Netflix next spring. Called Bill Nye Saves the World, the show will revolve around different science topics, while attempting to dispel myths and false scientific claims made by politicians and religious leaders. Special guests will appear in the show’s episodes, too, and you can expect to see some cool experiments and lab demonstrations from Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

The show will attempt to dispel myths and false scientific claims

The new talk show marks a big return to TV for Nye, who gained prominence as the host of the PBS children’s science show, Bill Nye the Science Guy. After the show ended in 1998, Nye hosted a few short-lived shows but mostly stayed out of the spotlight for a while; he's since reemerged in recent years as a science celebrity. Nye, who is the CEO of the Planetary Society, makes many online videos about space, the climate, and more, and he's a frequent guest on late-night talk shows. He even appeared as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2013.

Nye also uses many of his media appearances to try to stop the spread of anti-science rhetoric. In 2014, Nye famously debated Ken Ham, a prominent creationist, about the science behind evolution, and he’s been very vocal lately in his criticism of those who deny climate change. It explains why Nye’s new show will be all about getting the facts straight about science.

"Since the start of the Science Guy show, I’ve been on a mission to change the world by getting people everywhere excited about the fundamental ideas in science," said Bill Nye in a statement. "...With the right science and good writing, we’ll do our best to enlighten and entertain our audience. And, perhaps we’ll change the world a little."

Correction August 31st 3:37PM ET: A previous version of this article said this would be Nye's first time hosting since Bill Nye the Science Guy. He hosted The Eyes of Nye in 2005, and the article has been updated.