Which billionaire will be the first to do parabiosis?


Parabiosis has been making the rounds with news of Peter Thiel's interest in parabiosis. Human trials are going to use blood plasma from donors with ages under 25 to recipients who are 35 years or older. The infusion of "young" blood into recipients will likely have to be sustained on a daily basis for months on end for rejuvenation effects to appear, if they appear. The hope is that organs, muscles, bones, brain will get stronger, healthier, in effect, slowing or stopping the aging process.

If this works, and this is the fairly innocuous version, it presents a rather discomforting societal implication, where the young will sell their blood for thousands of dollars to the rich, further increasing the divide between the young and the rich. The recipient will need tens to hundreds of donors as this likely needs to be daily or weekly infusion for months to years on end.

The dystopian version is an application of the experiments done on rats to humans. There has to be a billionaire, crime boss, or some crazy person who will try this. There's always one. In parabiosis experiments, a young rat and an old rat will be "fused" together by stitching them together along the sides of their abdomens. Gradually, veins and tissues will grow into each other, their circulatory system fusing together, and they exchange their circulatory fluids and all that comes with it. In these experiments, the older rat got healthier, healthier, and their brain rejuvenated. The younger rat stayed about the same. I don't know if there were longer term downstream effects for the donor rats.

There has to be one human among 7+ billion that will try this. They'll get a toddler, kid, or someone young, and perhaps have inter-veinous fistulas or PICC lines implanted so that their circulatory systems exchange. The two will have to live in symbiosis for months on end, maybe years, for the effects to take.

The incoming biological revolution is going to be so rife with ethics conundrums. Today's birth control, abortion, steroids, drug, whatever, ethics issues are going to be a pleasant walk in the park by comparison.

Regarding the post title, you can also change "billionaire" to "athlete" too!