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Apple's Planet of the Apps show will feature and Gwyneth Paltrow

Apple's Planet of the Apps show will feature and Gwyneth Paltrow

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Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Apple is bringing on three big names for Planet of the Apps:, Gwyneth Paltrow, and wine-star turned brand-builder Gary Vaynerchuk. According to Deadline, the three entrepreneurs will offer guidance to app developers who appear on the show. It's still unclear what the exact format will be, but it sounds like Planet of the Apps could be akin to a nerdier Shark Tank. Paltrow and will also serve as executive producers.

I'm over this pun already

In case you're just catching up and wondering what on Earth is happening here, since even a few months ago the idea of Apple making a reality TV series starring Gwyneth Paltrow and would sound outrageous, here's the gist: Apple is starting to make TV series and short-form videos that'll live inside of Apple Music. For the most part, they're supposed to be music-related; this one obviously isn't, but it's not really evident that Apple has a clear idea of what it's end goal is anyway. So that's how we ended up with Planet of the Apps, which is a pun we will all have to cringe at for the next year or so.

Paltrow,, and Vaynerchuk are all interesting hosting choices. The former two bring some big star power to the project (Vaynerchuk has big social reach, though with a very different audience), and each brings actual, successful experience in launching companies: Paltrow with Goop, with, and Vaynerchuk with VaynerMedia. Each of those companies has its more ludicrous qualities — like, basically, everything makes — but you can't necessarily fault Apple for choosing them. They're successful, big names; and, at the very least, you can't say they aren't interesting.