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President Obama and VP Biden taught a nation how to be good BFFs

President Obama and VP Biden taught a nation how to be good BFFs

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Joe Biden / Twitter

President Obama turns 55 today, and to celebrate, his BFF / BFFL / VPJoe Biden sent a sweet tribute tweet. In it, he shares a photo of the Joe and Barack friendship bracelets that Obama made for a BuzzFeed video about registering to vote.

This video is over a month old and therefore the fact that Biden still has these bracelets defies the laws of summer camp friendship bracelet physics — you were supposed to have accidentally torn yours on a pool filter weeks ago, Joe! Truly, a better friend there never was.

At the risk of being hyperbolic, this is the only heart-warming bromance I have ever witnessed in my entire life, and if it ever comes to an end I will have no choice but to throw myself on its funeral pyre.

Let's take this opportunity to relive some other great Joe and Barack moments.

"A big fucking deal"

A jog

Some beef

A selfie

Found a friend to join my first selfie on Instagram. Thanks for following and stay tuned. –VP

A photo posted by Vice President Joe Biden (@vp) on

Ice creams

joe biden

A best friend