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The new Prey trailer reminds us that space is beautiful but probably full of monsters

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After a brief introduction at E3 earlier this summer, we just got another trailer for Prey, the 2017 sort-of reboot of the 2006 shooter. As we’ve mentioned before, Prey is a game about monsters in space, and the men (or women, since you can supposedly choose your character’s gender) who kill them. And we’ll be honest, that’s been done before! But this trailer’s weirdly squeaky-clean space station is still creepy, with its huge windows and art deco pavilions and spidery shadow-creatures. We also get to see a little gameplay, although it’s relatively straightforward combat and not the superpowers that the developers teased in June. "There’s something there, I know there is. I can’t see it. But it sees me. It sees everything," says protagonist Morgan Yu, male-voiced in this case. "To make this right, someone has to die." I don’t know who, but I guess it’s a solid life strategy, overall.