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Sneaky Zebra's Prop Wars is the nerdiest fight you'll ever watch

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We really dig Sneaky Zebra’s cosplay videos, but their latest takes them out of the convention scene. Prop Wars: Prop Harder is a fantastic three-way duel with an entire arsenal of props from all of your favorite films and shows.

The video is a sequel to the short film the group put together in 2013. The short video is an assembly of nerdy references and replica props all mashed together into one geeky standoff.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The sequel is pretty much the same thing, just with some different props and a bit more sophisticated film work. This sequel starts off with Thor’s Hammer against Captain America’s iconic shield and escalates to include disks from Tron: Legacy, Wilson from Castaway, batarangs, lightsabers, chainsaws, wands, blasters, and quite a bit more.