New trailers: Christopher Nolan's war film, Netflix's rave movie, and more

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Stranger Things is the first thing in a long time to make me glad I have Netflix. I'm only four episodes in, so I don't want to say too much. Instead, I just want to ask what's up with one very specific part of the show: its episode titles. They're strange!

A lot of TV shows keep their episode titles to a standard format, like how most Friends' titles start as "The One With...". Stranger Things kinda sorta tries to do this, but then can't quite make up its mind.

First we have these two wonderful, beautiful titles for the first two episodes: "The Vanishing of Will Byers" and "The Weirdo on Maple Street." They're great! They have the same format, and they both sound like spooky stories, which they are. Perfect.

What comes after that is what puzzles me. Nearly all of the remaining episode titles are really plain, like "The Body" or "The Bathtub." They're fine enough, but they feel boring by comparison. At least the titles are consistent, though, sticking to the format of "The [object]."

For the most part, at least. For whatever reason, one episode — and only one episode — diverges from this format and is called "Holly, Jolly." I have no idea why this decision was made. Why must this one episode fall out of line? Was having a different title that important? Did they just get super lazy? This is arguably the show's strangest thing.

Check out seven trailers from this week below.


First trailers always seem to be the best trailers, because they're so far out from the actual release date that the studio seems to be totally fine with releasing something weird and interesting. That's how we got Suicide Squad! And that's probably why we're getting this crazy tense and super vague first trailer for Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan's next movie, which stars Tom Hardy and Harry Styles, not that you'd know it from this. It comes out next year on July 19th.


HBO has a short new look at Insecure this week, and it's every bit as funny as the series' first trailer. The show comes from Awkward Black Girl creator Issa Rae and looks just as awkward, modern, and hilarious. The show premieres on October 9th.


Why are there suddenly so many EDM dramas? The latest is XOXO, which basically takes the vibe of a high-school drama and applies it to 20-somethings on a road trip to an EDM festival, which is something I will readily admit I am not the target audience for. In one shot, a person flips through the floor to an alternate EDM world. It comes to Netflix on August 26th.

The Eagle Huntress

Daisy Ridley narrates this documentary about a 13-year-old eagle hunter who's the first girl in her family to take up the tradition in decades. It looks beautiful, and not just because of the Kazakh scenery. It opens October 28th.


Netflix has a new documentary series on the way about professional bull riders and how totally insane their sport of choice is. At least they all seem to be aware of it. The show premieres August 19th.

Finding Altamira

This trailer seems lovely but honestly I was distracted through most of it while wondering why anyone would bring a small child with them into a strange, unexplored cave. That seems dangerous, right? Anyway, the rest of the trailer looked nice — it's about the first discovery of prehistoric cave paintings and the arguments that ensued. It's out September 16th.


And let's finish off the week with a completely ridiculous Pierce Brosnan movie called I.T. that's about an evil IT guy.

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