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Man in the High Castle's production is run like a 'republic,' season 2 set for December

Man in the High Castle's production is run like a 'republic,' season 2 set for December


The show is running without a showrunner

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It was Amazon’s turn at the Television Critics Association today, and it unveiled some information about its fall slate of programming, as well as some new information about the state of The Man in the High Castle’s production.

Earlier this spring, the show’s creator Frank Spotnitz departed the production over creative differences. According to executive producer David Zucker, he hasn’t been replaced.

"We're running, in many ways, like a republic."

"We're running, in many ways, like a republic," Zucker told press earlier today. Little has changed since Spotnitz’s departure because of how the production has been organized, with lots of input from numerous people. "There are senior powers in every aspect of the realization of the show, and that frankly is something Frank himself instituted. I don’t know how somebody could accomplish something of this ambition without putting incredible stock in what your cast has to say, to your keys, to your designers, to your directors."

During the interview, the crew revealed a look at the upcoming season, and dropped some hints at what’s to come. Juliana Crain will be dealing with the destruction of the resistance, Joe Blake will be headed off to Berlin, and Frank Frink will become increasingly radicalized after what he saw in the mysterious movies.

The panel also provided a release date for the show’s sophomore season: December 16th.