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A literal lawn chair is on sale for $279

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Studio Nucleo

Italian design collective Studio Nucleo has in the past experimented with museum-friendly design installations. Their latest project: a cardboard frame that, when covered with dirt, becomes a chair that can be installed in your backyard.

Yes, for $279, you can buy instructions and cardboard to make a very beautiful pile of dirt. That’s if you back the collective’s Kickstarter at the early-bird stage for the full-sized chair. There’s a smaller, 1:5 scale version that’s available for just over $100.

Studio Nucleo

The chair was originally unveiled during the Milan design week in 2000, and was sold for several years. Nucleo has tweaked the design and rereleased the chair through Kickstarter. They have billed the project as something that becomes part of your yard, a way to relax closer to nature.

As a homeowner, I see it as a chair that you can’t move, and that you’ll periodically have to trim with a weedwacker.

The project is currently working to fulfill its €15,000 Kickstarter goal.