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Transparent season three trailer: the Pfeffermans are transitioning together

Transparent season three trailer: the Pfeffermans are transitioning together


The show's coming back on September 23rd

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Amazon isn't wasting any time between airing new seasons of Transparent, its flagship comedy: its third season is premiering on September 23rd, less than a year after its crackling second season debuted. The new season's trailer debuted over the weekend, and it depicts a Pfefferman family that is still figuring out what it wants and needs in the wake of Maura's (Jeffrey Tambor) transition.

Shelly (Judith Light) is speaking to what looks like some kind of support group, and she reads a line that perfectly describes the show as a whole from a cue card: "When one person in a family transitions, everyone transitions." Her children are still working out their own complicated lives. Josh (Jay Duplass) is trying to be a better boyfriend and father after blowing his life up at the end of last season; Sarah (Amy Landecker) is patching things up with her ex and exploring her sexual desires; Ali (Gaby Hoffmann) is sleeping with her mentor and trying to find solid ground in her career. And what about Maura? She's looking at cosmetic surgery and leaving the affectionate term "moppa" behind. You can call her "mom." (Shelly doesn't look too pleased.)

Transparent's first two seasons were consistently artful and affecting, and it's hard to see that changing in season three. We'll be able to find out for ourselves come September 23rd.