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This Google Photos ad is all about the pain of having a 16GB iPhone

This Google Photos ad is all about the pain of having a 16GB iPhone

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Apple might be getting rid of the 16GB iPhone in September, but we're not quite there yet, and in the meantime Google has created a fantastic Google Photos commercial that showcases the app's "free up space" feature. The ad features one missed photo after another — selfies, graduations, birthdays, Bigfoot sightings, etc. — all because of a phone that has run out of storage. (And yes, this is a headache that some Android users also face.) Google wants you to know that it's come up with a solution to this potential crisis: once they've been backed up to the cloud, Google Photos can erase the local copy of photos and videos captured with your smartphone.

That's an incredibly useful feature, especially when paired with the unlimited storage you get if you choose the "high quality" backup option in Google Photos. It's also the type of convenience that could easily lock you into sticking with Google Photos long into the future. Because moving photos from one online service to another is a miserable experience that we should only have to experience once or maybe twice in this life.

Apple can also automatically back up your memories to iCloud to clear up built-in storage, but you'll likely have to pay for more cloud space if you're someone who opens the camera app regularly. Anyway, this is a pretty great ad all around — even if it's weird that after all those iPhone warning prompts, the commercial pulls back to reveal... a Nexus 6P.