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Sony’s upgraded PlayStation 4 will reportedly be unveiled next month

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Sony plans to unveil a 4K version of its PlayStation 4 next month, according to Vice Gaming. The machine will reportedly be announced on September 7th, during an event that'll serve as a "technical showcase" for what the updated PS4 can do. That means we're likely looking at a preview of the new console's graphics, but not necessarily firm details on when consumers will be able to buy it.

The upgraded PS4 is supposed to have improved specs that'll allow it to run games at a higher resolution — right now, it can only go up to 1080p for games. Otherwise, the new model is more-or-less supposed to be the same console that's been on the market for a few years, capable of playing the same games.

"We will be selling both [versions] through the life cycle."

Sony has already confirmed that a 4K PS4 is in the works and that it'll be sold alongside the existing PS4, at a higher price. "We will be selling both [versions] through the life cycle," Andrew House, Sony Interactive Entertainment's CEO, told the Financial Times in June. He added that even after this console's release, "All games will support the standard PS4, and we anticipate all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4."

The announcement comes on the heels of Microsoft's Xbox One S, which launched last week. While the One S can't handle 4K games — another Xbox will be released next year with 4K support — it marks the start of a new battle between the two leading console companies, with each offering occasional hardware updates to keep their machines up to date with the latest tech. It sounds like Sony plans on staying in the lead.

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