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Man of Steel 2 is reportedly in development at Warner Bros.

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Despite the dismal critical consensus surrounding both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. is charging ahead with a sequel to 2013's Man of SteelA source tells TheWrap that the followup is now in active development at the studio, though it will likely hit theaters well after the current slate of DC Extended Universe epics.

Not much is known about this eventual sequel, but Warner Bros. is reportedly committed to doing right by the character in future outings. It certainly makes sense: Superman, who (spoiler alert) died in Batman v Superman is due to return in Justice League next fall, and it follows that he'd get a solo outing sooner or later.

DC Films has a lot of ground to make up

However, DC Films has a lot of ground to make up between now and then. Batman v Superman managed to bring in $872 million at the box office, but poor reviews kept it from crossing the billion dollar mark that would have made it a success in the eyes of Warner Bros. Suicide Squad also opened domestically with a record $135.1 million, but despite extensive reshoots to make it seem more fun, has also earned negative reviews. With Wonder Woman, Justice League, and several other superhero movies ahead, Warner Bros. will need to course correct in a big way to justify Superman coming back for a sequel.

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