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Pokémon Go's battery-saving feature is back, and a new pokémon-tracking mode is coming

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Pokémon Go's latest update is out, and it restores the battery-saving mode that mysteriously disappeared from the previous version of the iOS app. To use it, hold your phone upside-down while playing; the screen will dim, so you can walk around and wait for pokémon to buzz you without the need to constantly watch your phone.

Elsewhere, the version 1.3 update adds images of the three previously silhouetted team leaders Candela, Blanche, and Spark (named in order of awesomeness); lets you change your trainer's name once and only once; and fixes various other bugs. Your curveball pokéball throws should now be more accurate!

See which pokéstop to go to

One feature in the update that you might not see yet is a new version of the "Nearby Pokémon" feature; currently in testing, it'll show you which pokéstop to go to for the best chance of finding a specific pokémon.

This is only available to "a subset of users," according to Niantic, and it seems that the test is centered around San Francisco for now; to see how the feature works, watch the video embedded below or read Business Insider's rundown. It's not going to replace the third-party maps that Niantic killed, but it looks to be an improvement on the previous official implementation.

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