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Soylent’s new drink will replace your breakfast and morning coffee

Soylent’s new drink will replace your breakfast and morning coffee

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Soylent, the famed meal replacement that went on to find a devoted fanbase online and in Silicon Valley, isn't done innovating on its formula. The company has today released a brand-new drink: Coffiest. Packed with 150mg of caffeine, coffee flavor, and the same nutrients that come with Soylent 2.0, the drink promises to replace not only breakfast but your morning cup of coffee.

Replace both breakfast and your morning cup of coffee

Coffiest, like Soylent before it, is meant for people too busy to set aside time for their meals, while also appealing to those who don't quite have the time to mix powder and water. Here, there's soy protein and alga oil for nutrition, with actual coffee and L-theanine to reduce the jitters. The company claims that Coffiest has roughly the same amount of caffeine as two 8-ounce cups of coffee. (Which is way too much for me, but hey.) And Soylent also hopes that the drink will help ease people into drinking Soylent 2.0.

Of course, there's more on the way from Soylent. The company is also releasing Soylent Bar, which it's marketing as a snack or small meal. Coffiest is available right now for $37.05 per case for subscribers and $39 for one-time orders.

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