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That's one way to spread pokémon across the world

That's one way to spread pokémon across the world

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How to cover the planet in pokémon. Step 1: wrangle the pokémon into a herd. Step 2: load the herd onto military transport planes. Step 3: fly above different locations across the planet. Step 4: open plane hatches and jettison the living cargo. Step 5: repeat.

The micro-mockumentary above documents the fictional process behind Pokémon Go's global poké-population. The clip comes from YouTuber Nixolas, Chris Burgoyne, and Alex Khisaf, and was created in part with Goalem, one of the neatest tools for simulating virtual crowds.

Two weeks ago, Nixolas used Goalem to create this hilarious and surprisingly lifelike medieval battle simulation.

And two months ago, Nixolas uploaded this simulation of White Walker's conquering The Wall like they're auditioning for the sequel to World War Z.

And now I'm plumb lost in the rabbit hole.