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Netflix's speed test tool is now on iOS and Android

Netflix's speed test tool is now on iOS and Android

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Netflix launched an internet speed test at back in May, and this week it rolled out dedicated apps for the tool on iOS and Android. While the apps are identical to the website, Fast's launch as an app could go a long way toward getting people to use it. And that's a big part of the goal here: the more people using Fast, the more data Netflix has on where internet service providers are doing a poor job.

There's good reason to pick Fast over other speed tests, too. Service providers are well aware of certain popular testing sites, and they can optimize their network to perform better on those specific tests. That means the results you get could be inflated beyond what you're getting in day-to-day use. Fast, on the other hand, measures your connection to Netflix's servers. And while internet providers may well optimize for that, that's still going to be useful to a lot of people.