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Sony's Xperia Ear wireless earbud is coming in November

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Still no pricing details

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Sony Xperia Ear

The promise of a wireless earbud that can talk to us and take verbal commands has been a hot topic since 2013, when Spike Jonze’s Her wondrously reimagined near-future technology. Now, Sony’s take on the singular earbud, the Xperia Ear, has a release date at last. The device is due out in November, the company announced at the IFA conference in Berlin today, after being pushed back from a summer release window.

We don’t have any pricing details just yet. But the Xperia Ear performs many of the same functions as Motorola’s Moto Hint earpiece it appears to be following. So the Xperia Ear will also be a Bluetooth-controlled companion for your smartphone. It will sit in the ear and give you updates on the weather, your schedule, and the latest news. It can also read off directions as your walking or driving, let you dictate messages, and perform web searches. It will not, however, come with science fiction-quality artificial intelligence.