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Microsoft testing blue light reduction feature for Windows 10

Microsoft testing blue light reduction feature for Windows 10

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Microsoft is slowly revealing new features in its next major update to Windows 10, and it appears blue light reduction feature might be a future addition. The software giant released a new build of Windows 10 testers yesterday with very few visible additions, but Windows enthusiasts have already started picking it apart for clues on new features. Twitter user "Core" has discovered references to a "BlueLightReduction" setting deep within the next major update to Windows 10 (codenamed Redstone 2). It appears to be a setting that will be toggled from the Action Center (notification center) in the operating system.

F.lux has been the most popular option for Windows users looking to reduce blue light in the evenings, but Microsoft's own native toggle will bring this feature to every Windows 10 user. Apple has also integrated a similar feature in iOS 9, but it hasn't announced any plans to bring blue light reduction to Mac OS yet. Microsoft only appears to be testing the feature right now, so there's no guarantee it will ship in the update due early next year. If Microsoft does implement it fully then it will presumably be available on the mobile version of Windows 10, too.

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