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Watch a stylish, somber four-minute promo for Donald Glover's Atlanta

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The latest trailer for the upcoming FX dramedy Atlanta is a four-minute introduction to the show’s setting and aesthetic. What it lacks in dialogue it makes up for in gorgeous split-screen shots of Atlanta’s food, streets, people, and 24-hour diners.

Community's Donald Glover created the show and wrote many of its episodes. He'll also star in it as a young music manager trying to get his cousin’s rap career off the ground. While the series isn’t explicitly autobiographical, it will presumably draw on Glover’s experience working in the Atlanta rap scene under the moniker Childish Gambino. His third studio album, PHAROS, is set to debut in concert this weekend.

this trailer is the height of zen

While the show itself will undoubtedly feature a standout soundtrack, the background noise in this trailer is made up of iPhone bleeps and bloops, snatches of gospel music, basketball thuds, goats, and car horns. If anything, it’s a chill midmorning listen.

The majority of the promo is somber, slow pans over the city, its rickety infrastructure, and a moody Glover, but it ends with Glover’s character sniffing his girlfriend’s armpit and declaring it "a hype day." Speaking of "hype day," this show premieres on September 6th and I can’t wait!