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More than 70 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries have overheated in the US

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More than 70 Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have overheated due to defective batteries in the United States alone, the Canadian government has indicated, double the number of worldwide incidents the company had previously reported. The last time Samsung offered figures on its ongoing Note 7 problems, on September 1st, it claimed that it had received 35 notifications of battery malfunctions globally — reports that prompted it to suspend sales of the device, and to issue a global recall of handsets already sold.

The new figure was released by Canadian government safety association Health Canada, in partnership with Samsung, in a bid to prompt Canadian Note 7 owners into returning their potentially dangerous devices. Presumably these US reports count among their number several cases of exploding phones that have hit the news recently, including a Note 7 blamed for destroying a Jeep Grand Cherokee in Florida, and another believed to be the cause of a garage fire in South Carolina. Reports continue to tumble in from across the US about unfortunate souls affected by the malfunctioning phones — the New York Post reported that a six-year-old boy suffered burns to his hands earlier this week when a Note 7 exploded as he was using it — but Health Canada says there has only been one reported incident in Canada so far.