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Sony's biggest ever PlayStation 4 update is out now

Sony's biggest ever PlayStation 4 update is out now


The 4.00 update adds folders, HDR, and a new UI

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Sony's biggest PlayStation 4 software update yet is now available, refreshing the console's interface, adding folders, tweaking its menu screens, and enabling HDR output. The version 4.00 update — codenamed Shingen — prepares the way for Sony's two new versions of its PS4: a slimmer model coming this week, and the PS4 Pro, a more powerful version of the machine capable of playing games in 4K resolutions, due for release on November 10th.

Perhaps the update's biggest change is the introduction of High Dynamic Range capabilities. The PS4 Pro will run games in 4K, but the Shingen update makes it so all PS4 consoles can play games in HDR — assuming you've got a TV capable of supporting the technology. The update also allows for streaming in 1080p, on YouTube, Twitch, and for remote play. If you are planning to make the jump to PS4 Pro (or to downsize to a PS4 slim), today's update also prepares your PS4 for a wired LAN connection, allowing you to transfer all relevant data from old to new consoles.

The update adds folders so you can organize your files

But even if you do have an HDR-compatible TV, you're still likely to notice the console's UI changes first. Sony's vanilla PS4 UI was easier to navigate than Microsoft's first Xbox One interface, but regular users will find their consoles quickly cluttering up, forcing them to dig through pages of menus to find what they're looking for. The Shingen update introduces folders, giving users long-awaited organization options for their games, files, and videos — a change that makes it feel more like a full OS.

It also tweaks the quick menu and share screens, shrinking them both so that rather than cover your game, video, or app, they only take up a portion of your screen. Also streamlined are game content info screens, condensed to show trophies, DLC, and trending images and video taken by players, and the ability to play songs from Spotify without needing to launch the app. You'll be able to download the update the next time you turn your console on.

PS4 Pro with 4K HDR gaming first look