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Samsung software patch for Note 7 caps charge at 60 percent

Samsung software patch for Note 7 caps charge at 60 percent

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Note 7
James Bareham / The Verge

Samsung is patching its recalled Note 7 for people in South Korea who don’t want to return their devices. The software update will attempt to avoid any battery explosions by only letting devices charge up to 60 percent, the AP reports, and will roll out on September 20th. Samsung advertised the patch on the front page of a Korean newspaper, the Seoul Shinmun, today. The company hasn’t yet said whether the update will be available abroad or whether users will be forced to patch.

In the 12 days since Samsung recalled 2.5 million of its Note 7 phones over batteries overheating and exploding, US carriers have suspended their sales of the phone and the Federal Aviation Administration began "strongly advising" people not to take the devices on planes. So far there have been more than 70 cases of the phones overheating in the US.

Samsung is reportedly going to start shipping new phones in South Korea on September 19th and launched an exchange program in the US earlier this month. Replacement phones in the US will be marked with a blue S on the box.

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