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Carrie Brownstein's new short film imagines your social media world IRL

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For its new ad campaign, the French fashion label Kenzo recruited Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein to write and direct a short film. The result, called The Realest Real, takes ordinary social media interactions and replicates them in real life, to absurd effect. A young woman named Abby enters some kind of alternate universe in which her social media followers are people who trail behind her like a shadow, and a woman insists that looking "smug-sad" is better than looking happy in photos.

When Abby comments "Mom" on actress Natasha Lyonne's (Orange is the New Black) Instagram, Lyonne becomes her actual mom (or at least starts acting like it). The rest of the film plays with the idea of how it would feel if all of your internet moms became your real one. Hint: not that great, and more than a little confusing. The short also stars Kim Gordon and Mahershala Ali.