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How Snapchat’s goofy faces made everyone comfortable with selfies

How Snapchat’s goofy faces made everyone comfortable with selfies


A picture’s worth a thousand views

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I didn’t take many selfies until I downloaded Snapchat. But like so many people I’ve fallen in love with lenses, the optional tools that make my face look like a dog or an emoji or an advertisement for junk food. Now, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t mug into my front-facing camera.

The magic of lenses is how they erase the perception of the selfie as an act of narcissism — an insipid criticism that comes from a certain clump of people who feel the need to bash people for showing a fleck of confidence. Why didn’t I take selfies? I was too embarrassed. Anyway! I digress!

I’m clearly fascinated by the popularity and power of lenses, so I invited my friend and colleague Ashley Carman to the show. We talk about the potential of the lens, how its changed selfies, and the possible future of a would-be gimmick that has birthed a broader pop culture trend.

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