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The best real-time strategy game I've ever played just turned 10 and you should buy it

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This is no kinderparty

Company of Heroes was released 10 years ago, and it still holds up today as a must-play game for anybody who enjoys strategy. The "complete pack," including the original Company of Heroes and its expansions, is on sale for $9.24 on Steam, and it's worth every penny. Don't bother with Company of Heroes 2, which was weird and disappointing — just look to the original.

COH takes place in World War II, and while the setting may now look aged and unremarkable, the game's mechanics are brilliant and polished. To this day it's one of the only real-time strategy games I think is worth playing regularly and that's because its ideas have aged beautifully. It's one of the most balanced RTS games ever made, even when comparing it to tournament-ready games like StarCraft and StarCraft II. And to its credit, there's still a sizable community of people who play it online, meaning you'll be able to find multiplayer matches pretty easily.

Company of Heroes is filled with features that were advanced for its time, like terrain deformation and world destruction. It also still manages to look and sound great 10 years later. I love dazzling spectacle in video games, and COH is still capable of delivering it.

I've been hoping for a while that something will come along in the genre that matches the brilliance of Company of Heroes, and I'm still waiting. For now, it's still a good time to play the classic.