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Amazon's cheaper Echo Dot improves voice recognition, available in black and white

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Amazon launched its Echo Dot device earlier this year, but it has been sold out in recent months. While the original Echo Dot was priced at $89.99, Amazon is unveiling an all-new, second-generation Dot today that's priced at just $49.99. Just like the previous Dot, you can use the tiny puck-like device to add the Alexa voice assistant to existing speakers. Amazon is releasing the new Echo Dot in both black and white, with a more powerful, completely redesigned voice processor.

Amazon has also built a new Echo Spatial Perception technology into the Dot. It's designed to detect multiple instances of the Echo or Dot in use in a home, so that not every device responds to voice recognition. It will detect exactly which device your voice is talking to, and Amazon is rolling it out to existing Dot and Echo devices. The updated Dot will be available in the UK for £49.99 (October 20th release date), Germany for 59.99 Euro (October 26th release), and the US for just $49.99 (October 20th release).

The launching of the original Amazon Echo Dot