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Giant inflatable moon rolls over people, bikes, cars, city

Giant inflatable moon rolls over people, bikes, cars, city

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While you’re probably familiar with Nintendo’s Zelda video games and their green tunic-wearing hero Link, you may have missed Majora’s Mask. Yes, the Nintendo 64 game sold fine. Yes, it was and still is critically adored. But Majora’s Mask is also debatably the weirdest and least accessible game in the series. That says a lot, considering another Zelda game is about the dream of a giant flying whale god.

I was reminded of Majora’s Mask by the footage above of a humongous balloon — made to look like Earth’s Moon — rolling through the city of Fuzhou in eastern China.

See, the plot of Majora’s Mask hinges on a child named Skull Kid using the power of the titular mask to crash a moon into the land of Termina in an alternate dimension of the fantasy setting of Hyrule. Like I said, "A Beginner’s Guide to Zelda" this game is not. In Majora’s Mask, the violent impact is cataclysmic, and our hero must repeatedly manipulate time to prevent armageddon.

But now I wonder what would happen if, instead of ending the world, the moon just bounced from one object to the next, bringing an unexpected joy to the people of Termina. What would that look like?

My best guess is it would look this video from Fuzhou. Or a lot like Katamari Damacy.

Anyway, this has been another episode of "Chris Connects Popular, But Niche Video Games to Funny Internet Videos." See you next week!