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Colin Powell's private email account has been hacked

Colin Powell's private email account has been hacked

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Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has been hacked, according to a report by The New York Times. An archive of his personal emails were published late last night by the website DC Leaks, although the archive was protected by a password. Reached by the Times, an aide to Secretary Powell confirmed that the emails were authentic and had been made public as the result of a hack.

DCLeaks is the same site that first published emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee, which many took as an explicit effort to influence the US election process. Many experts in the US intelligence apparatus have attributed that attack to the Russian government, although no public attribution has been made. Thus far, there’s no evidence tying Powell’s hack to Russia, and similar hacks have been carried out by mischievous teens without government affiliation.

The immediate result of the hack has been political fallout for Powell himself. Last night, BuzzFeed News reported on an email in which Powell called Republican nominee Donald Trump a "national disgrace," and another in which he said the candidate was "in the process of destroying himself."