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Confused by iMessage stickers? Try these 20 starter packs

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A smartphone feature has divided our office.

Some of us believe stickers are the most overdue feature in iOS, an option other messaging apps like Messenger or Line have been capitalizing on for years. Others fear stickers are at best a cynical money grab, and at worst, a branding team’s dream come true.

Us? We think they’re like a language bulldozer, or a bottomless bucket of visual sludge with which to turn group messages into a battle for who can cover the most space.

No matter your opinion of stickers, it can be a headache to find all the best stickers available. The App Store has always been a chore, and somehow it’s now even worse. To make things easier for you, dear reader, here’s a round-up of the best stickers we’ve come across! We wish you good luck in your quest to vandalize every text from your mom with an anthropomorphized donut hole.

PBS Kids


Can someone explain why PBS included "dabbing Binky," but not "Arthur fist?" I’m so mad I could just Arthur fist.jpg.

Justmoji ($1.99)


What is this? Why is this? Justin Bieber’s belated emoji audition for the part of the Joker in Suicide Squad. Who cares, because it’s a joy to text!

P.S. I Love Dogs

dog stickers

These puppers will brighten anybody’s day, and they’re a perfect way to break the tension if you need to deliver some bad news via text. Just preface all text-based breakups with a doggie carrying an ominous wax-sealed letter in his mouth. Problem solved!

Oregon Trail ($0.99)

Destroy your nostalgic pining for the text-based games of yore by replacing them with modern slang!

Pokémon Pixel Art, Part 1 ($1.99)

Finally, you can debate the best starter pokémon without words.

Hello Kitty Jewel Town

Okay, so technically this a game, but two things. First, you can decorate your own adorable Hello Kitty-themed room, so that’s great. And second, it comes with Hello Kitty stickers. This is what we call a "win-win" in the media biz.

Tap My Katamari- Endless Cosmic Clicker

Tap My Katamari is also a game, and also involves a beloved franchise from Japan. You can unlock more stickers the further you progress.

Opening Ceremony

opening ceremony

Don’t all of your disembodied emoji heads deserve great outfits with prominent branding? I’ll answer that one for you: obviously they do!

Powerpuff Girls - Fun PPG Sticker Set


These little sweethearts are perfect for playing off your affection for semi-ironic ‘90s nostalgia.

Pizza Friend


Pizza is my friend. Pizza is your friend. Pizza is our friend. Pizza Friend.

Retro Emoji

Who can remember how to type these anymore? This sticker pack is perfect for when you just need a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


Almost all of Burger King’s stickers feature chicken fries or Cheetos-flavored chicken fries. This sticker pack is perfect for pestering your pedantic friend who says chicken can’t be fries.

Beautiful Tarot Stickers ($0.99)

tarot stickers

Even if you have no idea what you’re talking about, it can be fun to offer tarot readings to your friends and family via text while they are at work. Perhaps the images will pop up in the corner of their Mac screens while they’re hosting a conference call! Perhaps you will tell them that the Lovers card means they will experience tremendous misfortune if they don’t Venmo you 20 bucks.

Iconfactory Pixel World Stickers ($0.99)

Why is food adorable when it’s pixelated? I can’t say, though I imagine it’s the same reason we catch ourselves staring at plastic food in the windows of Little Italy.

Charli XCX Sticker Pack

Charli XCX’s aesthetic is like Coyote Ugly meets knockoff Nokia phone covers.

Nibmoji ($0.99)

The official emoji pack of political satire website The Nib, this sticker set is worth it for KC Green’s "This Is Fine" dog alone.

Werd Derp ($0.99)

Werd Derp is great for moms and dads who want to communicate with their teens who are busy creating ever-greater distance.

Dunkin Donuts


Dunkin’ Donuts’ sticker pack is far more joyful than the Starbucks sticker pack, which actually includes non-descript patio furniture. That’s not fun. These guys are fun.

Tim’s Stickers


How can Dami stay mad at you for censoring her texts when you’re doing it with a delicious frozen hot chocolate and steaming cup of Canadian joe?

Party Parrots

With dancing parrot gifs in neon colors, the party never stops!!

Now what?!


With all of these incredible stickers up your sleeve (if you can navigate the insane stickers section of the App Store to the acquire them) you will never struggle for conversation again. What can you say with words that you can’t say better with a tiny drawing of Justin Bieber licking a knife? Or a smiling Pikachu? Or chicken fries?