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Microsoft is making three changes to today, with Google Drive support the big addition. While Outlook for iOS and Android already support Google Drive access, Microsoft is extending this directly to Outlook on the web. The new changes mean Outlook users can attach documents from Google Drive and receive and edit files within Outlook. You'll even be able to fully edit a Google Drive file side-by-side with an email on

Alongside the Google Drive support, Microsoft is also bringing back some of its Facebook support that the company was forced to scrap last year. You can now connect a Facebook account and email photo attachments from Facebook directly in It's a useful way to surface content from Facebook, especially if you're sharing photos outside of your friends list. Google Drive

The third and final addition is an improvement to attachments in long conversations. Microsoft is improving how attachments are listed in big group conversations, allowing you to search through a central list of attached documents rather than having to jump into each thread in a conversation. All of these new features will require the new Outlook web version that's currently rolling out, so if Microsoft still hasn't updated your account then the features should arrive by the end of the summer.