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Vivienne Tam’s Spring collection is the best NASA-inspired fashion yet

Space cases

Via The Startorialist

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Dan Lecca for Vivienne Tam

Continuing with the trend of NASA-inspired fashion, Vivienne Tam's Spring/Summer runway looks for 2017 are sprinkled with the NASA logo, metallic silver, and what Tam's press materials describe as "Astro orange" and "NASA blue." The line was debuted at Fashion Week in New York on September 12th, and was first brought to my attention by The Startorialist. Tam's press materials describe her influence as Houston, Texas (the butterflies, cowboy motif, and flowers pull from local ecology; there's also a ton of fringe) — but I'm here for NASA.

One thing: the collection uses two of NASA's logos, the current one, and an older logo, nicknamed "the worm." That logo hasn't been used officially since 1992, when it was unceremoniously dumped for a return to NASA's "meatball" logo, the once-and-current king of NASA branding. (The Hubble space telescope, however, does still carry the worm.) The "meatball" dates to 1959; it was never truly phased out because the employees liked it so much. Apparently designers loathed it — but Tam, splitting the difference, uses both. The worm appears one one leg of a pair of pants; the meatball on the other leg. The meatball is on a space-silver jacket; the worm is on the t-shirts, including a tie-dye number that I would like to live in. Alert: my birthday is coming up.