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Watch the last episode of the Final Fantasy XV anime at 11PM tonight

Brotherhood FFXV

Ever since its debut back in March, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XVthe anime spinoff of the upcoming game — has served as an ideal prequel. It’s both goofy and heartwarming, easing you into its strange fantasy world well before you ever pick up a controller. Tonight, the last of the five episodes is set to air, and you can check it out early on Twitch.

Just like the game, the anime follows the adventures of Prince Noctis and his friends as they set off on an epic road trip. Each episode of the show so far has focused on a specific friend, outlining their past and how they became so close with the Prince. For the final story, the focus shifts to Noctis himself: you can get a brief glimpse of what to expect in the teaser trailer below.

If you’re sad to see the show go, don’t worry, there’s plenty more of FF XV this year. In addition to the game itself, which is now launching on November 29th, there’s also a CG movie called Kingsglaive that helps flesh out the universe even more. The last episode of Brotherhood airs tonight at 11PM ET on Twitch, and 24 hours later you’ll be able to check it out on YouTube alongside the rest of the series.