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Make enemies for life with this Grammar Snob sticker pack for iMessage

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The addition of stickers to iOS 10 has been an absolute mess. You might love it, you might hate it, but you can't deny that the ability to litter conversations with cartoons of pizzas, pokémon, and party parrots doesn't seem to have been well thought out. And that's before we even mention the hardcore porn. Well, one sticker pack is trying to bring a little order to the chaos — the Grammar Snob collection from developer John Haney. For $0.99 you get all the editorial corrections you're your heart desires, including it's and its; lose, loose, and losing; and various scribbles and crossing-outs.

However, if you thought dropping endless Hello Kitty stickers into conversations was a good way to end a friendship, just wait until you can make handwritten corrections appear on your loved ones' phone screens. It'll be like some of self-correcting Harry Potter notepad, but with the magical feeling replaced by instant enmity! And of course, if you really want to offend people and cross the line from grammar nazi to Actual Nazi, then, sure, iMessage has got you covered their to.