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Final Fantasy XV's Tokyo Game Show trailer gets an English translation

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Tokyo Game Show brought an extended look at the upcoming Final Fantasy XV in a new four-minute trailer: a baffling thing that introduced new characters, plot points, and dragons. That trailer's now been furnished with English subtitles, but don't expect them to help a huge amount — this is still a Final Fantasy game, heavy with melodrama, symbolism, and elegantly coiffed young men howling in frustration.

What we can tell is that hero Noctis has been sent out of the city he was set to one day rule by his king dad. Dad doesn't seem like he's still on the scene, but Noctis and his buff bodyguards are stuck out in the wilds, with only their weapons, supernatural skills, and impossibly cool car (it can fly) to help them. Traveling back to the city, Noctis needs the help of the Oracle — a figure capable of conversing with the gods of the world — to reclaim his throne. That eventual return to the city explains how Final Fantasy XV shifts from an open world to a more linear experience in its second half, as Noctis and friends age over the story's 10-year span.

We'll find out more about how Noctis and buddies get back to the city, and what happened in their absence, when Final Fantasy XV is out on November 29th.