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Star Wars: Rogue One will be scored by the man behind your favorite Pixar soundtracks

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Well, after Randy Newman

The composer for the first ever standalone Star Wars film, Rogue One, has been replaced just three months before release. According to The Hollywood Reporter, original pick Alexandre Desplat has been dropped, and Pixar-composer Michael Giacchino is in. THR notes that this isn't to do with any artistic squabbling, but simply due to the extensive reshoots of Rogue One, tweaking its story and tone. These changes in schedule have had a knock-on effect on the timetable for scoring the film, and Desplat was reportedly unavailable for the new dates.

Enter Giacchino, a long-time friend of J.J. Abrams, and the man behind soundtracks for films including Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Up, Inside Out, Zootopia, and all three of the recent Star Trek films. (Desplat, of course, has his own notable history, including compositions for The Grand Budapest Hotel and Godzilla.) With Giacchino's storied history, Rogue One is certainly in safe hands, although this will still be the first Star Wars film not to be scored by the legendary composer John Williams. Star Wars: Rogue One will hit theaters in the US December 14th.