New trailers: Tupac biopic, a trailer more popular than Star Wars, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


It's been a crazy week in the entertainment world. In case you missed it, we've been at TIFF all week reporting back on the best films. There's been a lot to read — and, honestly, it's hard for me to narrow it down to the ones I find most interesting. So here's a list of a bunch of things that caught my interest.

For reviews, there's: Snowden, La La Land, a global warming documentary from Leonardo DiCaprio, the new film from Oldboy director Park Chan-wook, the very buzzy sci-fi film Arrival, the apparently way-better-than-I-thought-it-would-be A Monster Calls, and the very beautiful-looking dramas Moonlight and American Honey.

Also of interest: a Q&A with the director of Studio Ghibli's The Red Turtle, a discussion on how the new Blair Witch came to be, and some wild accusations in a documentary about antivirus legend John McAfee.

So anyway, there's your weekend reading. For things to watch, head below to see nine of this week's most interesting trailers.

Fifty Shades Darker

This first trailer for Fifty Shades Darker received more views in a day than The Force Awakens, setting a new first-day record with 114 million views. So it's fair to say that a lot of people are pretty hyped for this. Darker looks every bit as melodramatic as its predecessor; its first trailer has sexy music, sexy abs, sexy stares, sexy hotels, and sexy shower sex. It'll be out February 10th. Correction: this article initially misstated this film's release date.

All Eyez on Me

The second trailer for the Tupac biopic All Eyez on Me is darker and more frenetic than the first, constantly shuffling between tense, moody conversations and moments of people bloody and in danger. The music over it all is super effective. It's not totally clear when the film comes out, though; it was apparently delayed due to some music licensing issues.


This is Disney's first full-length trailer for Moana, and there's a lot to love in it. It's vibrant and colorful, with weird creatures and fun characters. It seems like Disney's animation crew is on track to continue their success streak. It'll be out November 23rd.

Nocturnal Animals

Creepy Jake Gyllenhaal is back in Nocturnal Animals, a film that has him playing the ex-husband of a woman, played by Amy Adams, who's growing increasingly concerned about how creepy he is. The film looks tense and gorgeous, which makes sense because it comes from Tom Ford. This is Ford's second movie, his first — A Single Man — my girlfriend and I found so aimless that we turned it off halfway through, and we love some artsy nonsense. So I'm curious to see how this one, which appears to have a stronger narrative through-line, will play out. It comes to theaters on November 18th.

Miss Sloane

I love this look of this. Miss Sloane is about a calculating lobbyist trying to take down the gun industry, and this first trailer for it makes everything seem smart, and quick, and tense. Also it has some great actors — with Jessica Chastain in the lead and Sam Waterston playing a key rival. Unfortunately, we can all probably guess how the film ends, but at least it'll be a nice journey. It's out December 9th.


Divorce looks like it could be a weirdly charming show about the end of a relationship and the connection that's still required even after it's over. Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church star. It comes to HBO on October 9th.


Time has moved forward by a small increment, so of course Netflix already has another TV series. This one's called Easy, and a ton of big names pop up in it, including Orlando Bloom, Malin Akerman, and Hannibal Buress. The series is an anthology, so it's about a cast of unconnected characters all bumbling around through their relationships. It all debuts on September 22nd.


Christine received some excellent reviews out of festivals this summer, and from this first trailer, it's easy to see why. The film, which is about real life news anchor Christine Chubbuck, who shot herself on air in 1974, seems to show Chubbuck slowly growing ill as she's disregarded by the people around her. This trailer makes it all look downright scary. It's scheduled to hit theaters on October 14th.

The Alchemist Cookbook

This entire movie appears to be about a dude going crazy in the woods. It looks super weird, but in a very good way — and whoever edited this preview decided to make the trailer weird enough to match. It'll be out digitally on October 7th.

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