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Here's a first look at Commissioner Gordon in Justice League

Here's a first look at Commissioner Gordon in Justice League

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Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder has made a habit of teasing his DC superhero films on Twitter, and that continues today with a first look at Commissioner Gordon in Justice League. Snyder tweeted out a super moody black-and-white photo this afternoon that shows J.K. Simmons, who's playing Gordon, standing on what's ostensibly a rooftop with the Bat-Signal at his side.

The photo is pretty dark, so it's hard to make out much detail. It's still unclear, for instance, why on Earth the producers of this movie made Simmons get so buff.

Snyder tweeted out the photo in celebration of "Batman Day," which is a totally made up holiday set on a totally arbitrary date (this is DC's third Batman Day; its first, in 2014, was held on July 23rd).

Justice League is still a ways away, with Warner Bros.' currently scheduling it for November 17th, 2017. Leave it to Snyder to tweet plenty of teasers ahead of time though. Even before today, he's had a lot to share. On Wednesday, he tweeted out this photo of Ben Affleck in a new costume, called the Tactical Batsuit:

And last month, he tweeted this moment from what I can only assume is the climax of the film:

While I'm sharing tweets, I would love if someone could explain this one to me:

Yes, because what this election really needs is another manic billionaire.